Peer Support


The peer support program at Randwick Girls High School consists of leadership training and peer led sessions. These sessions run for 40 minutes, once a week for all of term 1. The peer leaders facilitate these sessions with the support of a supervising teacher. Each group consists of 8-10 year 7 students with 2 year 10 peer leaders.

The main aim of peer support is to help students to develop the understanding and skills needed to have a safe and happy lifestyle. The peer support program helps year 7's build self esteem and self awareness. This program is invaluable in helping to make the transition to high school a smooth and enjoyable experience for our newest students.


Sessions include opportunities for year 7 students to:

  • develop positive relationships with others

  • engage learners

  • develop skills, understandings and attitudes

  • work cooperatively and collaboratively

  • reflect on experiences