Randwick Girls' High School celebrates International Women's Day!

Women can do anything! Girls can do anything! This mantra was again on the lips of all girls today as we begin the celebrations of International Women's Day. At Randwick Girls' High School we embrace the ethos that women is equal to men and we stand together with other women to fight for this right. We release and empower our girls to be the voice, the standard, and the freedom to be the women of today and of tomorrow. There will be more celebrations to come, culminating in an assembly in a fortnight's time.

Two SRC leaders, Karla and Cameron, were invited to celebrate International Women's Day at our partner school, Randwick Boys' High School this morning. Randwick Boys' Principal was very impressed with the two girls and presented them with flowers to bring back to the school. The flowers were well received. See Karla's and Cameron's speech to the RBHS assembly.

Karla: International Women's Day is a global day for recognising andappreciating women's political, economic and social achievements over the decades. This day marks the importance for a call of action for accelerating gender equality as well as raise awareness of the many things women are capable of.

Cameron: In the past the world has witnessed numerous significant attitudinal changes in society's thoughts on women's equality and freedom;however that doesn't mean that we as a community to stop fighting for women's equality. 

Karla: As the new up and coming generation we must aim to create better and new ways for women such as our mothers, sisters and friends to be able to live in a world where they can feel proud to be an independent woman without the pressure and fear of being discriminated, shut down or sexualised.

Cameron: Each one of us as women, men and non-binary people need to join forces and as act as leaders to be a substance of positive change by taking a bold effective action to accelerate and bring awareness about gender equality. Only though purposeful teamwork, we can then help women reach for their limitless potential that is a benefit for society.

Karla: Realizing women's economic empowerment requires transformative change so that success is equitably shared and no one is left behind. 

Karla and Cameron: Will you be bold for a change?