Congratulations to Jane Geering and Chloe Li of Year 11 who were selected to take part in
the National Art School HSC Intensive Studio Course. Both students attended the National
Art School for four days during the July holidays. During this time they worked with
prominent Australian artists to broaden their skills set, learn new techniques and refine their
own painting skills. They engaged in critical reflection and evaluation of their own work and
that of their peers.

"I’m so excited about completing this course! During the first part of the course I painted 7
artworks in just 4 days. It was inspiring to work with real artists and learn new approaches
to painting from them. I made new friends and came up with new ideas for artworks by
having conversations with like- minded students. I’m so grateful to have had this experience
and look forward to the second half of the course” (Chloe Li)

Jane and Chloe will complete the second part of this course in the October holidays. They
will gain practical skills in preparing for, mounting and curating an exhibition of their own
work. The course is endorsed by the NSW Education Standards Authority. Both Jane and Chloe
will receive a mark for this course that will appear on their HSC transcript.