Creative Arts


Creative Arts provides students with opportunities to build their knowledge and contemporary understanding of Visual Arts, Photography and Music. Please refer to the following pages for information about each subject. 


Visual Arts

Visual Arts provides opportunities for students to investigate the field of visual arts in complex and rich ways. Visual Arts has a significant role within the curriculum through providing learning opportunities designed to encourage students to understand the visual arts, including the different kinds of creative works they, and others, make.


Photography & Digital Media

Photographic and Digital Media plays a significant role in the curriculum by providing specialised learning opportunities to enable students to understand and explore the nature of photographic and digital media as an important field of artistic practice, conceptual knowledge and technological procedures.



Music plays important roles in the social, cultural, aesthetic and spiritual lives of people. At an individual level, music is a medium of personal expression. It enables the sharing of ideas, feelings and experiences. Music provides students with the opportunity to develop their musical abilities and potential.